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Top Quality Heat Resistant reinforced Silicone Hump Bellows Connector piece - various sizes and colours! Logo Free!

Operating Temperature from -60°C up to +180°C

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Generally used where there is movement between two inlets or outlets. The bellows in the hose is designed to adsorb shock, vibrations and movement.

Perfect for Coolant HoseInlet HoseTurbo Hose, Radiator HoseIntercooler Hose. Not suitable as Fuel or Oil pipe.

Specification - overall length ca. 130mm

Part Number Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Wall Thickness No. of Plys Working Pressure Burst Pressure
Hump 045 45mm (1 3/4") 54mm 4.5mm 3 4.67 Bar 14.00 Bar
Hump 051 51mm (2") 62mm 5.5mm 4 4.50 Bar 13.50 Bar
Hump 057 57mm (2 1/4") 68mm 5.5mm 4 4.33 Bar 13.00 Bar
Hump 060 60mm (2 3/8") 71mm 5.5mm 4 4.17 Bar 12.50 Bar
Hump 063 63mm (2 1/2") 74mm 5.5mm 4 4.00 Bar 12.00 Bar
Hump 070 70mm (2 3/4") 81mm 5.5mm 4 3.50 Bar 10.50 Bar
Hump 076 76mm (3") 87mm 5.5mm 4 3.50 Bar 10.50 Bar
Hump 080 80mm (3 1/8") 91mm 5.5mm 4 3.33 Bar 10.00 Bar
Hump 090 90mm (3 1/2") 101mm 5.5mm 4 3.00 Bar 9.00 Bar
Hump 102 102mm (4") 113mm 5.5mm 4 2.83 Bar 8.50 Bar


Straight Hump reinforced connector silicone hoses are used in a huge range of applications ranging from trucks, buses, high performance production cars, Formula One (F1), World Rally Cars (WRC), Drifting and Saloon Car Racing (Touring Car)

Polyester reinforced Silicon Hoses are more commonly found in Radiator, Coolant, Turbo & Intercooler applications.

The ability to easily cut any Silicone hose to the required length is one of the main reasons professionals & enthusiast alike choose to work with silicone. 

The formulated multi layered reinforced construction makes them ideal to replace old rubber hoses and particularly suited for all custom coolant plumbing applications and forced induction installations.


- High Performance ratings with excellent reliability in all conditions.
- Easy to replace, cut and adapt to your piping needs.
- Corrosion resistant
- Operating Temperature: (-) 60°C up to (+) 180°C


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